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Analysis: Atlanta Rent Prices are Steady After Long Climb

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Rent prices may have finally leveled off in Atlanta this winter, which is good news for anyone taking a look at their recent or soon-to-arrive tax returns. An analysis from Zumper, a real estate app, took a close look at prices around the city and even put together a beautiful infographic — one that won't crush your financial soul.

According to the Zumper analysis, rent prices for one-bedroom units saw a very modest 1 percent increase. (Complex math: If you're paying $1,000, that's an extra $10 per month). The cost of two-bedroom units actually decreased by nearly 2 percent. Whether this is indicative of a slowing or steadying of rent prices around the city isn't clear — winter could simply be to blame — but this activity definitely doesn't mirror the leaping growth the city has been seeing. Since just last year, rent prices are up by 10 percent.

As usual, rent prices followed a more-or-less north to south trend, with higher prices found in northern Buckhead neighborhoods like Peachtree Heights West and Tuxedo Park. Prices steadily drop from there, with the lowest rents found in Hunter Hills and Washington Park.

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