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$540K Edgewood Renovation is Deceptively Ginormous

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The listing agent is upfront with a couple of facts about this 1930 renovation in Edgewood: With a whopping 3,351 square feet, the place is larger than it looks, and it's already appraised at $540,000, which happens to be the asking price. You'll find this rare five-bedroom on Flora Avenue, a block from the Edgewood Retail District and around the corner from the soon-to-be-transformed Edgewood-Candler Park MARTA Station. Perks include the library (with fireplace) and master suite with a soaker tub and private balcony. Some buyers could find the driveway parking off-putting; others might champion the short walk to MARTA trains. But one thing's for sure: Haters of wainscoting and extremely wide hallways need not apply.

· 203 Flora Ave. [Estately]