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Midtown's Next Tower Moves Forward at Cusp of Piedmont

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A promotional rendering is circulating that gives a clearer idea what the next tower overlooking Piedmont Park will look like. Alta On the Park, a Wood Partners venture, appears to have been scaled back slightly from initial plans to 19 stories, with a smattering of retail (1,200 square feet) at street level, according to a Midtown Alliance report this month. The Alta project is expected to offer 198 residential units, and there was talk last year that developers were considering offering them as for-sale condo units, contingent on market conditions. Requests for more information have not been returned, so whether these will be apartments or condos isn't yet clear. The property, between 11th and 12th streets at the park's western edge, has been encircled in construction fencing since December. The Midtown Alliance lists the project's delivery date as: TBD. If curious, here's a look at how the building will fit into the existing context.