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1980s Edgewood House Undergoes Drastic 'Modern' Makeover

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A second story boosts this redo to 2,300 square feet

This Edgewood property a few blocks from the neighborhood MARTA station was built in 1988 but doesn’t look it — at least not interiorly, where polished concrete, reclaimed wood and custom lighting rule the day. It’s in the vicinity of several modern homes that have cropped up in recent years; in this case, a drastic redo has translated to four bedrooms and 2,300 square feet across two levels. Dwell magazine probably won’t be beating down the door to feature the exterior, but the place isn’t without perks, including the upstairs master suite’s private terrace and a spacious sunroom the listing agent says is passively heated and cooled, whatever that means. The asking price: $425,000.

1532 Foote Street [Coldwell Banker]