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'Church' Bar Owner is Serious About This Boutique Hotel Thing

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Location is everything, and Grant Henry — aka Sister Louisa — may have found a perfect spot, provided it's feasible

Now for the exciting continuation of yesterday’s story: Grant Henry of "Church" Bar is Interested in Ansley Park Apartments ... the plot thickens ...

When we last left our hero, he was heading to the airport of Isla Mujeres (The Island of Women). Henry took some time at the airport to send Curbed a few quick responses about his idea to create a boutique hotel out of the recently listed Peachtree Circle Apartments in Ansley Park. (Some have wondered if such a social superhero would be welcomed in the Isle of Pristine Properties).

Apparently Grant Henry has been ruminating on the idea of a small hotel in Atlanta for a while, and has even looked at potential locations on Ponce de Leon Avenue. Henry actually got his start — his bachelor's degree in business and hospitality — with a focus on hotels, and, after college, traveled the country working in hotel management. He said there's a growing trend toward smaller hotels that people can feel comfortable in, and in his view, Atlanta is behind the times.

"Atlanta is missing the boat when it comes to good, down-to-earth, creative and hip, modern, progressively forward designs for a downsized hotel," Henry said.

Apparently the "vintage nature" of the apartments would be a great component of his vision — a vehicle for contrast. He even has some ideas for the decor, which would be less along the lines of Church, and something closer to the Sager Lofts on Glen Iris Drive (seen below). "My goal would be to retain as much of the fucked-up-ness… while bringing it up do date with classic modern furniture and accessories, Tempur-Pedic beds for the guests, and throwing in some old Southern primitive pieces to make each shine," he said.

Henry hasn't seen the inside of the space yet, or even gone over numbers to find out if his idea might be profitable — he was on vacation, after all —but he seems to believe he can do a lot through sheer force of will. "I never planned on making a dime at Church, so who knows," he said. "My obsession is design and decor, not dollars and cents, or dollars and sense," he said.

Stay tuned for the continuation of our story when our hero returns home to call a few people and — if you're lucky— take a look inside those apartments ...

Peachtree Circle Apartments

149 Peachtree Cir NE, Atlanta, GA 30309