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Key Corridors: Atlanta's Rapidly Changing Memorial Drive in 15 Photos

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Glimpses of an eastside thoroughfare that could be unrecognizable in a few years

Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

Not a month goes by that some splashy new development or game-changing retail announcement doesn't pop up on Memorial Drive, that multi-lane, east-west corridor where post-recession investment has bordered on Old West-style land grab. This year, Curbed Atlanta's long-running Visual Journeys series will take occasional detours called "Key Corridors" — photo-driven updates of the city's most swiftly developing streets, such as Howell Mill Road, where we spotlighted Westside Ironworks, Berkshire Howell Mill apartments, and mixed-use piece The Brady last month.

Memorial Drive has the potential to make all of that seem like small potatoes, with roughly a dozen projects underway or planned, stretching from downtown to WonderRoot's eight-acre new campus in Reynoldstown, which is anchored by an adaptive-reuse school. Further development could soon come east of Moreland Avenue, too, where pockets of townhomes have recently sprouted. In five years, hardscrabble Memorial Drive could be barely recognizable, so we dispatched our photographer to capture, at random, pieces of the corridor as they current are. Expect return visits.

The Leonard

301 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312