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Atlanta Zoo Slated for $38M Upgrade

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New arrangement will ensure an experience elephants won't forget

Zoo Atlanta has been around for a long time, and like many aging attractions, it's overdue for a major overhaul. Launched back in November 2014, the "Grand New Vision" campaign is aimed at breathing new life into the 125-year-old venue in Grant Park. Designed by the Epsten Group, the renovation will enhance the visitor experience, provide a new events space and improve the animal habitats.

Under the new plans, the existing administrative facility that stands as a major obstruction between the parking lots and the main entry to the zoo will be removed, opening up a large plaza in front of the zoo's gates and the old Cyclorama building. With the painting and artifacts moved from the classical structure, it will be converted into a unique events facility offering views of the animals. Inside the zoo grounds, the African Savanna exhibit will be overhauled to provide more space for the animals to mingle.

The event space overlooks the zoo enclosure, featuring views of the elephants and giraffes.
View of the new African Savanna enclosure from the Cyclorama events space.
Max Wave Media

With recent large donations, the zoo is now just $4.3 million shy of their $38.1 million target to kick off the renovations early next year. If all goes according to plan, the project should be complete in early 2019.

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