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Homebuying Study: Atlantans are Patient and Judgemental

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Atlanta residents will wait to move on a house, and if they don't like you, you'll know

Surprise Atlantans! Your opinions and values might differ from those in other parts of the country. Who knew!? According to a study by, even Atlantan's home-buying and selling values differ from the rest of the country. Apparently those values include patience, self-consciousness and being more judgmental than the rest of the country.

In buying and selling, it turns out Atlantans are really patient. Maybe it’s the traffic. Maybe it’s the weather. Whatever the case, it turns that hackneyed "wait five minutes" idiom holds true. A larger percentage of city residents, compared to the nation at large, are willing to wait as long as a year to find a new home and keep their home on the market to get their asking price, the study found.

It turns out Atlantans are also really concerned with image. If homebuyers in Atlanta don’t like the person offering a house, they are more likely than the rest of the country to move along to find something else. On top of that, they're more likely to refuse to sell a house if they don’t like the person making an offer.

Everybody mind your manners out there!

422 Emory Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA

422 Emory Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA