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Piedmont Hospital Eyes $500M Expansion

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Project could see the demolition of an iconic midcentury modern building on Peachtree Street

Piedmont Hospital has been a feature on Peachtree Street in South Buckhead for generations. Over the years the campus has swelled, swallowing up surrounding properties in Brookwood Hills. Even with all the growth, however, the hospital complex is overcapacity and in need of new facilities. Bisnow reports that Piedmont's CEO, Patrick Battey, has been discussing possible changes on the hospital's campus, focusing on a site the hospital acquired last year.

Plans would bring the demolition of the midcentury modern Sheffield Medical Building on Peachtree Street. Built in 1963, the distinctive 7-story building stands out with a checker board facade of offset windows and blue-tiled panels. While details are still a bit scant, it's possible the building could make way for an expansion of the hospital's cardiac division. Estimates put the construction of a new facility on the site at $500 million — enough to give someone a coronary.

Piedmont Hospital Coronary Care Unit

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