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$85 Billion Vision for Atlanta's Future Revealed

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Plan features improvements to infrastructure, expansion of transit and creation of livable centers

The Atlanta Regional Commission has unveiled the final version of the "Atlanta Region's Plan," a vision for the city in 2040. A comprehensive look at growth in the 10-county metro area for the next 24 years, the plan forms a framework for what can be done to help bolster the city through transportation infrastructure, community development, economic growth and utilization of our natural resources. Overall, the plan is intended to highlight the areas of greatest need for investment as Atlanta's population grows by an expected 2.5 million — give or take — in the coming years.

While developing the plan, the ARC held public forums, issued surveys and hosted workshops to solicit community feedback. Now, the final version has been released, featuring a staggering $85.1 billion worth of projects to bolster the metro area over the next 24 years.

But before you get too excited about all the hypothetical new projects that can be accomplished with the hypothetical funds, know that almost two-thirds of the money is earmarked for maintenance of currently existing infrastructure. Still, a not-insignificant chunk of change — almost $12 billion — could potentially go toward the implementation of a slew of public transit initiatives, including the MARTA $8 billion wishlist. While compiling the exhaustive report might have been a long process, implementation will be the big challenge moving forward.