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Victorian Stunner in Grant Park Fancies $689K

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1920 restoration at park's edge epitomizes shabby chic

Overlooking Grant Park’s eponymous green space, a block north of Zoo Atlanta, the asymmetrical façade of this russian-blue Victorian hints at the restored charm within. The interior epitomizes the smartly rustic, approachably regal, "shabby chic" aesthetic that’s become Atlanta’s calling card. (Note the wicked silver skull above the period mantle). It has four bedrooms, a freshly painted 2,663 square feet, and a recently redone kitchen with marble countertops, Bosch appliances, and shelving that'll make cabinet adherents cringe. This being Atlanta, some will bemoan the lack of a garage, but that ancient mossy wall in the driveway is pretty cool. The home’s $689,900 asking price ranks it among the upper echelon of Grant Park’s pricier listings, but with about four houses for sale across the entire neighborhood (exaggeration alert), maybe scarcity will work in the seller’s favor.