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Gutted Mansion on Ponce Ripe for Overhaul

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It's in rough shape, but could this stalwart be given a new lease on life?

Once upon a time, Ponce de Leon Avenue was one of central Atlanta's major residential thoroughfares. Lined with grandiose mansions, the avenue was home to the monied denizens of early 20th Century Atlanta. A relic from those days, a home at Ponce and Briarcliff in Poncey-Highland, just across the border from Atkins Park, has trappings of grandeur. However, gutted to the studs, the 91-year-old stalwart has seen much better days.

The biggest selling point has to be the location, which can't get much better than it is. Just two doors down from the mixed-use development rising on a large chunk of land formerly owned by Druid Hills Baptist Church, the 12,600-square-foot lot is in a primo spot. With the upswing in neighborhood fortunes, the home is being marketed as a potential multi-family or commercial property; it's clear there's a lot of potential. Still, listed for just shy of $1.3 million, it could be a tough sell, considering the amount of work needed to make it habitable.