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Beer Garden Bound for Western Beltline

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Old warehouses along the Westside Trail could become space for breweries

While the opening of the southwestern portion of the Beltline is still a year away, the area surrounding the trail is already bubbling with new construction as developers and residents bank on a repeat of the Eastside Trail's success. Hoping to join in the fun, Stream Realty, in collaboration with Kronberg Wall Architects, has unveiled plans for a brewery and beer garden — though more technically, it may be a beer hall — on the border of West End and Adair Park, adjacent to the Beltline right-of-way.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the project, billed simply as "Southwest Beltline," will transform 250,000 square feet of post-World War II warehouses into space for breweries, a beer garden, and retail. The project could be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, which for decades has been home to industrial spaces and warehouses.

Eric Kronberg, who joined us for a Field Note Fridays segment last year, has emphasized his firm's commitment to creating a space which is "cool." The concept might be new for this side of town, but considering the popularity of similar ex-industrial, adaptive-reuse projects around town such as Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market — not to mention beer — the formula could very well be on point.

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