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Unique Ormewood Park Reno Gunning for $399K

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This columned three-bedroom property dates to 1935

Several aspects of this three-bedroom, $399,900 listing are uncommon in Atlanta, beginning with the columned Greek Revival facade aspect. For a 1,900-square-foot house, it has porches (one of them screened) out the wazoo, a random but functional backyard workshop, and it’s that rare post-renovation with a suspended ceiling (in the basement/apartment). Built in 1935 and recently overhauled, it stands in what the agent describes as "the highly coveted triangle" of Glenwood Park, Ormewood Park, and East Atlanta Village, just west of Moreland Avenue. The location is touted as being super close to the "upcoming" Southside Trail segment of the Beltline, as if it’s happening tomorrow. In any chase, this place is that increasingly rare, sub-$400,000, turnkey, family sized property in Atlanta. So maybe different is a good thing.