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What $1.1M Bags in Virginia-Highland These Days

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Renovated 1950 bungalow is nice, like the location, but hardly extravagant

It used to be that $1 million homes in Atlanta south of Buckhead (and excluding, say, Ansley Park) conjured images of extravagant spreads with four-car garages and custom European yard fountains. Like a multitude of recent listings, this Tudor-influenced bungalow from 1950 in Virginia-Highland, between Piedmont Park and the neighborhood’s commercial nucleus, proves that those days are extinct.

They’re putting the finishing touches on a renovation/expansion here that looks tasteful throughout (the huge kitchen with attached breakfast nook) and appropriately gorgeous in places (the vast master suite and party-ready, flexible basement). But for $1.15 million, not much would qualify as extravagant, from the sheer size (2,268 square feet, per listings), bedroom count (four), or lack of a garage. (One listing specifies the property has two carports, but it’s difficult to tell). Nobody expects a tri-level, first-rate rehab with a location this primo to be cheap, but has the market reached a point where million-dollar intown buyers must now make concessions.