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Sweet Mother of God, This House has Gigantic Barn Doors

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Over the last couple of years in Atlanta, sleek and simple "modern farmhouses" have cropped up in urban places nobody would mistake for rolling pastures — East Atlanta, Edgewood, Reynoldstown and so forth. Now, in a place nobody's calling a gritty urban neighborhood, this oversized Serenbe residence has taken the modern-farm concept to another level, offering what could be metro Atlanta's largest sliding doors not associated with airport hangars. The price is $1.25 million, and the three bedrooms aren't many (although each is a master suite), but the modernized-barn concept, combined with 4,000 square feet overall, allows for rustic grandeur in spades. Highlights include the double-sided, double-TVed fireplace, which divides the main living space, and the generous screened veranda, which overlooks the saltwater pool and a lake beyond. It's a little ironic that such a rural-focused property has nothing but urban-style street parking, but Serenbe seems pretty anti-garage.

· 10720 Serenbe LaneChattahoochee Hills [Sotheby's]