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Edgewood Avenue Investor Seeks Booze-Free Businesses

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Sinful Edgewood Avenue could be in for a three-parcel dose wholesomeness. Atlanta investor Marjan Yavari — who owns properties that face Edgewood, between The Epsten Group architects and the former Rolling Bones BBQ corner lot — tells What Now Atlanta she's redeveloping the three lots next door to the Baha'i Center. In fact, Yavari's project is inspired by that center, which has fought for racial unity and supported Atlanta's homeless since the 1940s. As such, Yavari will be seeking tenants with "dignity and integrity" that promote nutrition and will boost daytime activity on Edgewood without requesting liquor licenses. "I am open to anyone with a good cause," she told WNA. She's in talks with a food education nonprofit and expects one parcel (presumably the open lot) to be transformed into green space. The low-slung brick building at 393 Edgewood immediately next to the center won a $111,600 facade-improvement grant from Invest Atlanta, and permits indicate Yavari will spend around $250,000 renovating the property two doors down.