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Posh College Villages are Rising in Atlanta Suburbs, Too

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[Renderings, images: Haven Campus Communities]

Just when Georgia Tech students thought they'd cornered the market on luxe poolside lounges and other apartment amenities that make traditional dorms seem squalid, a posh collegiate village of flats and townhomes pops up in Kennesaw. Located steps from Kennesaw State University's campus and football stadium — and, vitally, within stumbling distance to Cracker Barrel — a community called "Stadium Village" opened last year "and was quickly leased to capacity," a rep tells Curbed. Why? For starters, the finishes and floorplans are touted as being "among the best available in student living" and each furnished apartment comes with a 55-inch flat-screen TV and private bathroom for each bedroom. The amenities for spoiled little bastards students are borderline absurd — i.e., sand volleyball court, hammock garden, large tanning deck, an amphitheater with fire pit and "blazing fast" Internet. Rents for four-bedroom, four-bathroom flats start at $639; it's not clear if that's per bedroom or the whole unit (probably the former, as each "unit" is listed at less than 500 square feet). The village is so new, photos aren't yet available, but these renderings after the jump get the point across.

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