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First Look: Say Goodbye to Disco Kroger, Hello to This

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[Renderings, site images via Equity One.]

First Murder Kroger, now Disco Kroger. Another one of Atlanta's famously nicknamed grocery landmarks is in danger of being swallowed by large-scale mixed-use development, and probably for the better. New renderings depicting a drastic, modernized transformation of Disco Kroger's strip center in Buckhead — Piedmont Peachtree Crossing — have emerged, and the property's owner, Equity One Properties, is promising "a new urban oasis."


This revamped Piedmont Crossing "will be a classic example of 21st century live, work, play mixed-use real estate offering a synergistic combination of upscale and necessity-driven retail, state of the art office space, and high-end residences for Buckhead's increasingly metropolitan population," which is "trading in their classic Georgian homes for the chic offerings of an urban lifestyle," according to the company's website.

Judging by renderings, the project would stress sustainable New Urban design with abundant plant-life, tucked-away parking and various outdoor seating options. What's more, it looks like a Kroger of some incarnation is included in plans. (This is not to be confused with another large project in the works next door by Coro Realty Advisors). If there's a solid timeline for Disco Kroger's demise, we haven't seen it, but it's a safe bet this stretch of Piedmont Road is about to get denser.

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