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PATH400 Unveils Two New Segments, More to Come

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PATH400 — the annoying, high-achieving, smarty-pants little brother of the Beltline — has done it again. As the Beltline continues to experience coming of age drama, PATH400 is rolling along with hardly a care in the world. According to BuckheadView, two segments of the trail in Lindbergh are now open to the public.

It's been over a year since the initial phase of PATH400 was completed in December 2014. The latest completions are not adjacent to the first phase, but are located on the southern portion of the system. The first links Piedmont Road and Adina via Garson Drive, while the second runs along Morosgo Way into the Elan Lindbergh Apartments.

Another long segment, connecting to the northern portion of the trail, is slated for completion later this year. Liveable Buckhead is about $9 million away from funding the entire 5.6 miles of the trail, stretching through Buckhead. If the last 18 months offer any precedent, it won't be long before the rest of the trail is complete.

· 2 south PATH400 sections finished; Old Ivy Way north part underway [BuckheadView]