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Residents Petition Legislature to Get MARTA Line Built

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Earlier this week, a MARTA study was released showing the major impact ambitious expansion plans could have on the city in the coming years. A big component of that plan is the extension of the Red Line northward to Windward Parkway. But the plans hinge on a sales tax hike, which would be contingent upon approval by the legislature and voters. Now that this year's legislative session is gearing up, citizens are calling on some anti-transit legislators to jump on board.

The petition on is calling for the folks at the Gold Dome to "pass legislation that would allow the necessary voting and funding flexibilities." Citing the relocation of major companies — Mercedes Benz, NCR, State Farm, etc. — to sites near MARTA stations, along with other key statistics, the petition definitely gives plenty of good reasons to support the measure. And with MARTA service on the upswing, it makes the case for the benefits an expanded system could bring to not just North Fulton, but the metro. After less than a day posted, the petition only had about 300 signatures. And while common sense suggests a need for an expanded system, this decision will ultimately come down to politics.

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