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Pair of Peachtree Road Projects Keeps Moving Toward Reality

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Peachtree Road's building boom gained momentum this week when two sizable mixed-use projects located within a mile of each other in Buckhead scored important approvals. The Atlanta City Council on Monday gave the final go-ahead to the once-contentious office and retail development by Brand Properties where the Garden Hills shopping center once stood, reports BuckheadView. All that lies between that proposal — which was dramatically altered from earlier designs and shrunk from 11 stories to nine — is a city-issued permit. Elsewhere this week, a similar-sounding company called Branch Properties gained overwhelming NPU approval to move forward with a 15-story residential tower with 15,000 square feet of retail at its base near Peachtree Battle Shopping Center; next, it'll head to the city's zoning czars. Per neighbor request, that project was also scaled back, subtracting four stories from the 19 initially proposed. Both projects, as BV points out, were also redesigned to move focus away from surrounding neighborhoods and to their connections with Peachtree. Keep up the good fight, neighbors.