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Critics Attack Brookhaven's MARTA-Linked Development

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It seems not everyone is happy about MARTA's venture into Transit-Oriented Development. Officials hosted a meeting last week with Brookhaven residents to lay out the current proposal for adding a mixed-use development surrounding MARTA's Brookhaven station on what are currently surface parking lots. A few days before, a feedback website had launched on CoUrbanize and most of the input was, shall we say, less-than-laudatory.

The development idea sprung out of a 2006 Livable Centers Initiative study that focused on Brookhaven. The LCI emphasized the importance of a dense development that would become "a village center and focal point for the Brookhaven community."

It seems many Brookhaven residents aren't quite so enthusiastic about the idea of another mixed-use development in the area. A quick look at the CoUrbanize comment section reveals a range of negative emotion from outright fury to more mitigated disapproval.

The most consistent questions raised involve the capacity of the existing infrastructure to support a new development and whether MARTA is capable, as an organization, of spearheading this kind of project in Brookhaven.

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