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Midcentury Ranch Near Midtown Qualifies as Spectacular

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For the midcentury modern enthusiast who digs Brazilian wood and margaritas by the pool

From the street, the clean lines, contemporary paint scheme, and stylish woodwork of this 1954 ranch should notify an onlooker they're dealing with one cool customer. For midcentury modern (and pool party) enthusiasts, the rest of the half-acre property — situated in Ansley Park's more English folklore-y neighbor, Sherwood Forest — does not disappoint.

According to the listing agent, these 4,360 square feet constitute the neighborhood's largest footprint, and a 2012 renovation by Dencity Design left no shortage of complex ceiling angles, mellifluous interplay between rooms, and a dual-sink kitchen that's won awards. But the real showstopper is the bona fide oasis of a backyard, with its waterfall pool, ample decks, outdoor shower, hot tub, and fireplace(s) carved into an ancient-looking wall. A buyer who ponies up $1.79 million could be throwing pool parties here on Friar Tuck Road by Memorial Day, easy.