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Testing Begins at Peachtree & Seventh Tower Site

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With equipment on site and the parking lot empty, latest Midtown project moves forward

Crane-watchers of Atlanta, rejoice! A new tower could begin to rise soon with frontage on Peachtree and Juniper streets on the northern side of Seventh Street. An eagle-eyed neighbor sent in photos of preliminary site work commencing on the doomed parking that occupies the site. Plans have been in place for some time for developer Hanover to bring a high rise to the block between Metropolis and Viewpoint, across from the almost-finished Seventh luxury condo building. At last check, the building would climb 28 stories and could be called "Hanover Midtown."

The Loudermilk Companies-owned site has been begging for development as the neighborhood around it grows upward. The 143-space lot will be transformed into a mixed-use high rise with 43,000 square feet of office space and ground-floor retail, topped by 350 apartments. Final plans for the building are still wrapped up in the city review process before the permit is issued, but in the meantime exploratory site work is underway — a good sign for Atlantans who despise surface lots.