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Poncey-Highland Townhomes Pitched for Tight Lot

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Near major mixed-use project, the site is prime for construction

If a developer has their way, "modern townhomes" could soon rise on Ponce de Leon Avenue near Briarcliff Road. But before construction can commence, the city must sort out its response to requested concessions to allow the construction. Make sense?

The application, lodged by Cablik Enterprises, sought multiple variances to allow for the "construction of a multifamily dwelling." The developer, known for building contemporary homes around metro Atlanta, hopes to shoehorn three residences into the tight square of a site, bordered on two sides by a midcentury residential tower operated by the Salvation Army. If variances are approved, the new development could practically fill the entire space at 1137 Ponce de Leon Avenue.

The timing of the request is no major surprise, as the upscale mixed-use development at 675 N. Highland finishes up just a block away. With this new amenity coming to the neighborhood, Cablik isn't the only one trying to cash in on interest in the area. The site is just down the street from an old home that went on the market late last month for a not insignificant $1.3 million, touting the redevelopment potential in the area.