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'Church' Bar Owner's Walk-Through of Peachtree Circle Apartments

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Grant Henry really wants to put together Atlanta's "premiere" boutique hotel

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, "Grant Henry of 'Church' Bar is Interested in Ansley Park Apartments." Today's episode: "The Walk-Through"

It's been a while since we last saw our hero. He recently returned from helping his mother in assisted living in Florida (cue "awws"). On the last episode of "Grant Henry of 'Church' Bar ..." our protagonist was poised to take his first look at the Peachtree Circle Apartments building, which was built in 1914 and originally housed the Woodberry Hall School for Girls. Henry has a vision for creating, in his own words, "Atlanta's 'hidden' premier boutique hotel and destination for creative comfort and decor."

Henry did his walk-through with a couple of preservationist/developer friends. Here are a few of his major takeaways :

"The view from the rear of the property is as good as any in Atlanta and includes an old rock well, huge vintage picnic table, and a rock outdoor fireplace/grill." Sounds promising.

"The exterior of the building is unmatched in stature. The important/historic columns are in great shape."

"The main building was built as a school so it's basically halls and 32 variations of rooms with a nice courtyard in the rear snuggled in between the U-shaped building. All of those rooms are heated by a big boiler in the basement and currently have window units for air. "

"The location is insane.This building must be saved but will take the love of the neighborhood, possible variances from the city, as well as a lot of money."

Numerous Curbed community commenters have pointed out that the current building zoning would not accommodate a boutique hotel, and pushing changes through the Ansley Park Neighborhood Association could prove difficult-to-impossible.

Nonetheless, Henry seems unfazed, as he's pushed through some tough situations before. "Six years ago I was bartending for a friend three nights a week and had no idea that carrying out my own vision (Sister Louisa's Church) was in the realm of possibilities for this fearful boy from Panama City, Florida," Henry said.

The final day for bids on the building is April 1, and Henry reports that other groups already have bids in.

Stay tuned for our next episode when we take community feedback ...

Peachtree Circle Apartments

149 Peachtree Cir NE, Atlanta, GA 30309