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Gasless Gas Station Coming to Heart of Midtown

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Highway-centric QT gets major makeover for the urban market

QuikTrip is a common sight along Atlanta's interstates, with more than a dozen locations scattered across the metro. Since it's primarily a place to fuel up with gas (or surprisingly delicious sandwiches), QT would seem an unlikely tenant in the heart of increasingly walkable Midtown. However, Tomorrow's News Today reports that none other than QT will be the newest addition to the bottom floor of the high rise condo building Viewpoint on Peachtree Street, between Sixth and Seventh streets. Unlike any other QT in the city, however, this "gas station" won't actually have fuel for cars, but will be a pilot for the company's "C-Store" concept.

Plans call for a 3,500-square-foot convenience store to occupy the corner of Peachtree and Sixth streets in the former home of a Sprint store. Featuring food, beverages, and a range of household items tailored to urban dwellers, QT hopes the store will appeal to neighborhood residents who need to pick up a few items but who don't want to venture to a grocery store. Odds are it will compete with the CVS across the street and a fancy new Starbucks Reserve slated to open on the same block in the ground floor of Seventh next month.

But, in a broader sense, could this new concept signal a new direction for oil companies? Could other gas stations follow suit, changing their strategies as more people ditch driving and move into walkable intown neighborhoods?