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Cumberland Penthouse has Big League Dreams

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With almost 6,000 square feet, condo has room for the whole team

As the Cumberland area prepares for the arrival of its first Braves season, the market for posh residences with intown amenities seems to be picking up. A massive penthouse just over a mile from the new ballpark has hit the market asking an almost pre-Recession price of nearly $1.7 million. (The unit sold for $1,776,300 back in the boom-times market of 2007). At nearly 6,000 square feet, the place is more massive than a lot of single-family homes in the area and features a built-in sound system, wide-plank hardwood floors, a chef's kitchen, five parking spaces, and even two laundry rooms.

Offering endless views of trees, the open and airy unit should appeal to anyone who prefers looking at nature over urbanity. While the palatial abode doesn't come cheap, for a diehard (loaded) Braves fan who doesn't want to navigate traffic to SunTrust Park during rush hour on the north end, this could be the place. But considering its little league neighbor penthouse with two bedrooms and two bathrooms has been on the market for six months with no takers, could the ask be overly optimistic? Or will this one knock it out of the park?