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Tyler Perry Isn't Budging from $25 Million Asking Price

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Nine months later, this Chattahoochee chateau is sitting tight. Will it ever sell?

Last time we checked in with Chez Madea, this unconscionably extravagant, 35,000-square-foot French Provincial palace cost $25 million. That was nine months ago, and Terry Perry's grand Buckhead pad on the banks of the Chattahoochee — touted by the listing agent as "perhaps the most compelling private residence to ever be offered to market in the history of Atlanta" — doesn't cost a dime less than $25 million now.

It would appear Perry is in no hurry to offload these 17 manicured acres, with a hobby house that's probably worth $1 million, his pool that rivals the one Evander Holyfield lost to foreclosure (the swim-up bar is money), his enormous screening room, and that legitimate parking deck topped by a lighted tennis court. And good news for paranoid moguls: The entire complex is safeguarded by "presidential-level security," per the listing.

But it's all catered to very specific tastes, which makes you wonder who might assume a mortgage like this in Atlanta. Barring a significant price reduction, you can't help wonder if this place will ever sell.