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Midtown Atlanta's Tallest Tower in Ages has Launched

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38-story "Spring Midtown" is claiming the corner of 14th and Spring streets

As several eagle-eyed tipsters have noticed, the cranes are up and construction is moving ahead with a 38-story tower at the corner of 14th and Spring streets that should be the tallest addition to Midtown's skyline since the recession. The 22 14th St. project by Florida-based The Related Group — heavyweights on the Miami multifamily scene — is now being called "Spring Midtown," per the company's website.

If the floor count is any indication, Spring Midtown should be Midtown's tallest new tower since The Atlantic debuted with 46 stories in 2009. It'll tally six more stories than Novare's Atlantic House, which recently topped out across the street. (Exact height counts weren't immediately available this week).

With Spring Midtown, expect 390 luxury apartments (sorry, condo hopefuls) with 6,500 square feet of retail at the tower's base (about half the amount of street retail Atlantic House will offer).

Completion is slated for late 2017 or early 2018. A neighboring multi-level Whole Foods is still in planning stages at the corner of 14th and Spring streets, according to the Midtown Alliance.

But good news for Midtown dwellers: The "world-class" Whole Foods component, according to the developer, will include "a pub, microbrewery, cooking school, and a variety of food venues." It's pegged to open in the first quarter of 2018.