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Gwinnett Asks Residents About Transit Desires

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Could MARTA be a factor in Gwinnett before 2040?

While the state legislature quashed the possibility of metro Atlantans voting to self-tax themselves in order to expand MARTA, it seems one transit initiative has made it through the session unscathed. Gwinnett County is moving forward with updating their Comprehensive Transportation Plan which, according to the official website, is "a roadmap for how a community would like to see their transportation networks develop to serve their current and future needs." Following the directive of House Resolution 1033, the county is seeking input from residents to inform the plan.

Through a series of public forums, the county will be soliciting opinions and ideas about how to shape transit access in Gwinnett over the next 25 years. According to the program's website, plans call for six public meetings to be held over the next month. Additionally, residents can participate via online survey to have their opinion heard.

With interest in MARTA gaining traction in the county, the community input could greatly influence a fundamental reshaping of transit in the metro. If interest is high, a vote could come this November.

Update: This article was updated from a previous version which identified the CTP as the Comprehensive Transit Plan, not the Comprehensive Transportation Plan.