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Midtown Condo (Yes, Condo) Project to Launch

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Micro 14th Street building to rise near Piedmont Park

Residential development in Midtown has pretty much been limited to apartment projects in recent years. But as owners of those buildings begin to convert their rentals to condos, developers are beginning to acknowledge there's a viable market beyond apartments. According to BisNow, developer Kim King Associates has filed plans with the city to start construction on a new (albeit very small scale) condo building. The boutique nature of similar, recent developments — like One Museum Place just down the street — demonstrates a slightly different approach to the towering apartment buildings still being erected around the neighborhood.

Just west of Piedmont Park, the narrow site — sandwiched between the six-story Windsor at Midtown apartments and an old home — backs up to Ansley Park. The yet-unnamed, eight-story project will house just two units per floor, with amenities and parking in the base. Permits indicate that the entire building will be just 50,000 square feet and provide parking, but beyond that and a single rendering, information on what's to come is scarce.

It's one of four projects unveiled in October last year. Pending the city's tricky permitting situation, construction should begin soon.