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Buckhead MCM is Less Modern, More Midcentury

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$1.17 million home seems immaculately preserved

This $1.17 million Buckhead midcentury modern near big-money Chastain Park is more midcentury and less modern than what many Atlanta buyers are used to seeing. It’s unique, in that it looks immaculately preserved in its (almost) original condition. The listing agent’s assistant described the home in an email to Curbed as being in "extraordinary condition … everyone who comes through (it) is in awe of the interesting architecture and the interiors."

The 3,700-square-foot home at 4566 Jett Road sits on two acres and includes redwood siding and Roman brick by "noted Atlanta architect Charles Bickerstaff." The living room and fireplace feel like the kind of place where you’d see Don Draper – early-seasons Don Draper, not Transcendental Meditation Don Draper – sipping an Old Fashioned. Even the kitchen appliances look old-school, but in a very appropriate way.

Other features: glass garage door, interior built-in birch cabinetry, cork floors, exotic woods, a vaulted 17-foot sunroom off the kitchen wing, granite stairs that lead to lower gardens and patio, and a stylish indoor phone booth inside what appears to be a closet in one of the five bedrooms.

Chastain Park Amphitheater

4469 Stella Drive NW, Atlanta, GA