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Comments of the Week: Fast Food, Midtown Architecture, MARTA

Regarding Chick-fil-A scarcity and bland sky-rises

Back by practically nonexistent demand, a venerable Curbed Atlanta tradition returns to these pages today in expanded form — Comments of the Week, with an emphasis on the plural!

Hundreds of Atlantans, passionate about their fair city, chimed in this week with thoughts on renegade Kroger branding, midcentury architecture, and factory-to-lofts conversions, to name a few.

Without further ado, it's time to pay homage to the week's Top 5 most entertaining, insightful, passionate, hilarious, et cetera comments from Atlanta's real estate and neighborhood news scene:


No. 5:

"Finally! That area is a Chick-fil-A desert."

— commenter g_spot coins (or maybe echoes) a hilarious but somewhat disconcerting new phrase, "Suburban-Style Chick-fil-A Bound for Heart of Ponce?"


No. 4:

"There’s Double Decker Kroger on Briarcliff … and I’m kind of surprised that MEGAKROGER on Dekalb Industrial in Decatur isn’t on the list. It’s the mother of all Krogers. It’s easily 21.8 Baby Krogers and at least double the size of pretty much every other Kroger out there."

commenter Skalaka sheds light on a few chain-grocer nickname oversights, "UPDATED: A Definitive (& Mildly Wrong) Map of ATL Kroger Nicknames"


No. 3:

"The rendering has a Miami feel to it especially with the art wall and its colors. I just hope it’s not the same generic concrete and glass that’s all over Midtown. We need more diverse architecture in the mix or years down the line we will suffer visually with a bland boring Lego skyline."

commenter Carlinthecity gives a tepid thumbs up to The Related Group's plans (above) for the corner of 14th and Spring streets, "Midtown Atlanta's Tallest Tower in Ages has Launched"


No. 2:

"I think Streets of Buckhead is nice, for what it is, but it needs to be the core of a larger surrounding walkable district. Right now it’s surrounded by too much outdated suburban development patterns, but that should change over the next few years, and it will get better as the area further densifies."

— commenter DondeEstaLaDiscoteca meant to say Buckhead Atl — err — The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, "Sandy Springs Exploring Complete Street Design"


No. 1:

"This is so sad we are still talking about expanding MARTA in 2016. This has been going on for 20 years."

— commenter ATL2001 gives 2 cents plain, "MARTA: The Little Engine That Just Might"