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What Would Happen if MARTA was Brutally Honest?

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Some other transit operators have been dropping truth on Twitter

Something really interesting happened on Twitter recently. Well, at least it was interesting for those who like reading about the intricacies of transportation policy.

Anyway, some folks working for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) network, which services the San Francisco metro area, started getting really honest with riders on Wednesday. After numerous online complaints about delays from riders, the minds behind the BART Twitter account tossed typical apologies or non-replies out the window and instead started laying out some of the major obstacles facing large, popular metropolitan transit systems.

Most of this isn't new information. Plenty of people have written doomsday-y articles and think pieces about infrastructure crumbling to little bits under the weight of America's economic growth. A study, released this past October by the Metropolitan Rail Discussion Group, showed a $102 billion maintenance backlog among top transit systems, which included New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, among others.

But, the problems with Atlanta transit are pretty unique to the city. So what would it look like if our own transit tweeters stopped mincing words? Here is some hypothetical online truth:

Let us stress again that the above faux-Tweets are not real. But it would be awesome if they were.

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