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$559K Listing Blurs Line Between Grant Park, Summerhill

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Whatever the neighborhood, this contemporary house has a triple dose of decks

Smack dab between Turner Field and Zoo Atlanta, this newly built contemporary house with a triple dose of decks is billed as being in the "heart of Grant Park/Summerhill," which essentially means it’s in the heart of neither. Whatever the boundaries, the agent asserts that the immediate neighborhood is on the rise, with "five new constructions by the same builder in the same street." Like contemporary townhomes closer to Interstate 20, it’s another example of investment creeping toward whatever The Ted complex will become.

Specifically, this clean-lined four-bedroom property offers ample space (3,150 square feet) for a small commune, sleek commercial store windows, and what’s billed as "exotic granite" countertops. Quirks include the columns in an otherwise open floorplan, the lonely mini-fridge, and the single-car garage. But it’s a lot of room to roam for a package that would surely trade for higher a few historic blocks east, where it probably wouldn’t be allowed to exist.