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Atlanta Bike Heavyweights Support Beltline Lights

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Plans call for cutting-edge lighting system to be motion-controlled

Along with being the masterminds behind the growing Atlanta Streets Alive anti-vehicle galas and vocal supporters of safety upgrades on Monroe Drive following a recent tragedy, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is now an influential lobbyist, so to speak, for a campaign to light the Beltline's Eastside Trail.

In a Saporta Report op-ed, coalition leader Rebecca Serna stresses the growing importance of lighting as the Beltline's physical footprint — and citywide popularity — expands. "Well-lit crossings would make people more visible as they exit the trail to get to school, work, shopping, or other destinations," writes Serna. "For those who work second or third shifts, or for anyone who finds themselves out later at night, access to a car-free trail can mean getting home safely."

In January, the Atlanta Beltline Partnership launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise $1.1 million for cutting-edge lighting on the popular multi-use trail that links Inman Park to Piedmont Park. Serna offers these interesting details about the lights themselves:

The light fixtures will be low-energy LED units to conserve power, placed on 14-foot poles that point downward to reduce light pollution. Lights will be equipped with automatic dimmers that reduce brightness down to 40 percent late at night. Finally, the lights will be equipped with motion sensors that will raise the brightness level back up to 100 percent when a person walking or biking is detected.

So basically, after-dark Beltline patrons will feel like Michael Jackson in the video for Billie Jean.

To donate or learn more about the initiative, head over to Light The Line.

Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail

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