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Piedmont Hospital Unveils Dramatic Expansion Concept

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Marcus Foundation pledges $75 million for new building

Piedmont Hospital is one step closer to constructing a large new facility on their Peachtree Road campus in south Buckhead, and early concepts indicate the project might not be an architectural snoozer.

The announcement comes thanks to a bump in funding for the project; Piedmont Healthcare has revealed that Bernie Marcus has pledged $75 million to the endeavor, which could cost in excess of $500 million. First announced last month, the project could provide a much needed expansion of the hospital's coronary care facilities.

A preliminary rendering, released with the donation announcement, shows a blue-tinted glass building with a slight arc and lots of fins. The building could potentially replace a midcentury modern structure, the Sheffield Medical Building, with its distinctive blue tile checkerboard facade, which has stood on the site for more than five decades. Before any work begins, additional funding will need to be worked out, though.

Piedmont Hospital Coronary Care Unit

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