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$1.5M Morningside Modern Infuses Italian Elements

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4,000 square feet of airy, minimalist style on a corner-lot hillside

For fans of clean contemporary architecture, expansive interior spaces, and Italy, this $1.49 million new listing in Morningside could qualify as spectacular.

The Italian elements begin curbside — where towering Italian cypress trees are posted like sentries — and continue with the Italian Linea Quattro kitchen (with top-shelf appliances and faucets) and back outside, where the infinity-edge pool features an Italian porcelain waterfall wall and the ability to clean itself.

Built in 2007, this 4,000-square-footer has four bedrooms and ubiquitous white walls to emphasize the artwork. The highlights are many, but the 22-foot "dramatic gallery" with a double-sided fireplace, the custom bathrooms, and multiple terraces shine. And that pool would have to be sweet heaven in a Hotlanta July.