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The Atlanta Beltline? There's an App for That

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iPhone tour by "Beltline celebrities" to launch March 31

For the Beltline fanatics of Atlanta and beyond, an app is launching later this month that creators are likening to a personal tour "from a bunch of Beltline celebrities."

Scheduled to debut March 31, "BeltTour" is an iPhone app that will offer a location-aware audio tour of — for now — the Eastside Trail's 1.5-mile route from Piedmont Park to the Highland Avenue bridge, though the content is expected to grow with the project. It's promoted as a "unique and immersive experience" that allows users to journey through local history, culture and art, without ever glancing at their phones, according to BeltTour’s creator, Jim Wilson, an Atlanta entrepreneur and attorney.

The app will use GPS to automatically play audio about each location that users walk past, providing more than 60 minutes of content. Says Wilson: "Since you never need to take your phone out of your pocket, taking the tour feels truly magical."

Beltline patrons with the app will hear from muralist Kyle Brooks (Black Cat Tips), sculptor David Landis, Tiny Doors ATL director Karen Anderson, and Greg Levine from Trees Atlanta, among others.

Downloading the app will be free — like the first 15 minutes of content. Unlocking the rest will cost $4.99, Wilson said.

To hear pre-launch samples of in-app audio, head over to

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