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Totally Unbiased 'Religious Liberty' Poll. Vote Now, Georgia!

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But how do you REALLY feel, Atlanta?

A few days have passed since Georgia legislators made the bombshell decision to pass the now famous/infamous HB 757, a measure that supporters say protects the sanctity of religious institutions and detractors counter is a swift ticket to discrimination.

The ball is now in Gov. Nathan Deal's court, who has until May 3 to sign or veto the legislation. The drama, meanwhile, is reaching epic proportions.

While businesses such Twitter, Chase, UPS, and Delta signed a pledge stressing the fair treatment of all Georgians, Mayor Kasim Reed said the bill is bringing "terrible harm" to Atlanta already. And the National Football League dropped not-so-subtle hints Friday that Atlanta's chances of hosting a Super Bowl soon could be punted if HB 757 is the law of the land.

Those who could care less about a Super Bowl's economic importance might still be concerned by how Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, asked a roomful of Hollywood movers-and-shakers to halt all productions in Georgia if Deal doesn't veto the bill. Or how Georgia's reputation has taken already taken lumps. The New York Times, for one, blasted the "dangerous piece of legislation" as a bill that "shields discrimination against gays."

But let's keep an open mind here.

Below we've compiled a thoroughly unbiased poll that should allow any reasonable Atlantan to vent how they feel about HB 757 and its potential impact on the city, region, and backwards-ass state we call home.