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Restrictions Stymie Buckhead Tower Proposal

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Proposed high-rise on Peachtree Road struggles with approvals

It seems like practically every day a major high-rise or massive mixed-use center gets announced in Atlanta. But while many projects start life as grand visions accompanied by fanciful renderings, the harsh reality of the development world often kills projects before the first hole can be dug. Such is the case with a residential tower announced late last year. Slated to rise on Peachtree Road in Buckhead, next door to Trader Joe's, the building has struggled to get permitting approvals, according to BuckheadView.

Delays stem from an agreement about allowable development height and density on a portion of the site, which dates back to the days when Trader Joe's was built. The treatise went that a driveway would be allowed to connect to Shadowlawn Avenue, a residential street with tiny homes, if restrictions were placed on the rear portion of the site (where the high-rise is proposed today), limiting development to one story. Making up almost a third of the total site, the parcel in question therefore could greatly limit the development potential of the two additional sites fronting Peachtree Road.

While the delay is by no means an indication that the project won't move forward in one incarnation or another, it does mean that it will likely be a while before anything happens. In the meantime, the delays are translating to a reprieve for tenants located in old homes where the project is proposed.

Longtime Buckhead businesses Dan Martin Flowers and York Furs are soldiering on.