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Tuxedo Park Castle is 'Wonderland of Elegance'

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Asking price: $2.39 million for Tudor-style Buckhead manor

Imagine rolling up on your new Buckhead castle in a private limousine (of course). Your chauffeur pulls into the driveway, and you smile, admiring the view.

"Jeeves," you say.

Jeeves doesn’t hear you. The partition is shut. You rap twice on the window with your cane. The sound of the 18-karat gold-plated handle against glass is exquisite.

"Jeeves, is this the finest abode you’ve ever seen?"

"It is indeed, sir. I’ve known none finer."

"Splendid," you say, admiring the English Tudor-style manor at 3510 Knollwood Drive in elite Tuxedo Park. Why, you’re just a stone’s throw from the governor’s mansion. You could rub elbows with Nathan Deal. Swap pheasant-hunting stories with rich neighbors and swill single-malt scotch. Hell, you’ve got your own woods. You could hunt whatever roams the 1.7 acres that is your backyard.

The listing price for this five-bedroom, four-bathroom castle is $2.39 million. Muffley & Associates describes the 6,250-square-foot interior as "a wonderland of elegance" that includes 22-foot ceilings in the foyer and great room, "grand fireplaces, rich millwork, a glorious window wall, and lavish master on main."

Other notables: a library complete with rolling ladder in case you happen to own that many books; the aforementioned window wall that is worth scrolling down for in itself; some pretty gnarly, old chandeliers dangling in damn near every room; and a stunning pool in the back.

Some features do seem a little out of place though. For instance, certain interior style choices feel like they suffer from a split-personality disorder. But, Jeeves would never tell you that. The truth hurts, and you sign Jeeves’ paychecks, don't you?