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How This Edgewood Cottage was Rescued from Death

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This one looked like a goner

This perky renovation project in Edgewood is a case where the "after" photos are like a cleansing bath when juxtaposed with what came before.

A block from Edgewood's retail hive, the revamped cottage provides that rare one-story, four-bedroom option for buyers who are adverse to stairs. We're told the former house was striped to the cinder blocks, and new piers were installed to support the foundation, joists, and sub-flooring. The result is a 2,250-square-foot property that's asking $459,000 — and offering perks like Carrara marble and a fairly luxe master suite to help achieve that price.

Outside, the carport borrows a page from Decatur's "garport/carage" functionality movement, while the oversized deck adjoins both the family room and master bedroom. Haters of gray walls should avert their eyes.

In an email to Curbed, Realtor Bryan Gates of PalmerHouse Properties and Associates points out: "It's actually one of the few streets in all of Edgewood that has built-in city sidewalks that (are) maintained by the city, not to mention its close proximity to Edgewood Retail District shopping and merchandise and ... Little Five Points where all the action happens."