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GA Tech 'Living Building' Design Selected

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Eco-friendly building scheduled to launch in 2017

A large canopy shades the largely transparent building.
Renderings of the winning scheme.
LAS via Georgia Tech

Environmentally conscious architecture in Atlanta is about to reach new heights.

Georgia Tech has announced the winner of a competition to design a state-of-the-art green building on their Midtown campus. The "Living Building" — a partnership between The Kendeda Fund and the institute — is slated to be "the most environmentally advanced education and research building ever constructed in the Southeast," according to a press release issued by the school.

The winning design was selected from three shortlisted submissions by teams comprised of not only architects, but engineers specializing in eco-focused fields such as hydrology and sustainability. Local firm Lord Aeck Sargent, in partnership with Miller Hull, was selected thanks in part to their familiarity with the specific needs of Atlanta's climate, officials said.

When constructed, the building will meet the standards to achieve Living Building Challenge 3.0 certification. Benchmarks for certification include a host of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. To meet the mark, the building will strive to be not just net zero, but net positive for both energy and water usage. Additionally, the realized project will encourage "human powered living," provide for universal access, and contribute to a healthy interior environment for its users.

Construction is expected to commence next year.

Living Building Site

Dalney St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA