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Photos: Buckhead's AC Hotel, Residences at Phipps Progress

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With mall construction wrapping up, work continues around the parking lots

Windows are installed and paint is going up at the boxy seven-story modern hotel.
The under-construction AC Hotel.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Phipps Plaza is pushing hard to transform from simply a high-end mall to a complete "lifestyle center" featuring upscale residences, a European-style hotel, and new dining options.

While work is wrapping up on the first phase of the mall renovation, there's plenty of construction activity going on all around its parking lots as an AC Hotel and The Domain at Phipps rise from what were formerly wooded lots along Wieuca Road, just off Peachtree Road. We checked out the progress and found that while the hotel could potentially be open by summer, the residences still have a long way to go.

The AC Hotel, with the Park Avenue high-rise site beyond.
Michael Kahn - Curbed
The building from the Phipps Plaza parking deck at Peachtree Street.
Michael Kahn - Curbed
The west facade of the hotel faces Phipps Plaza.
Michael Kahn - Curbed
The AC Hotel and the less-complete Domain at Phipps, from Wieuca Road and Phipps Boulevard.
Michael Kahn - Curbed
The end of Domain at Phipps, facing Wieuca Road.
Michael Kahn - Curbed
The Domain at Phipps from the Phipps Plaza parking deck, next to the AC Hotel.
Michael Kahn - Curbed
The rear of Domain at Phipps, from the back side of the mall.
Michael Kahn - Curbed
The corner of Peachtree and Wieuca roads, next to the AC Hotel, is slated for a two-story Ecco.
Michael Kahn - Curbed

Phipps Plaza

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