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Little Decatur Bungalow Boasts an Unreal Addition

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Ordinary bungalow purists, prepare for a rude awakening

Homebuyers who enter this 1937 blue bungalow in Decatur expecting an updated but ordinary old house are in for a shock. But a very pleasant one at that.

The rear of the three-bedroom property has been blown out into a distinctly modern addition that somehow jibes with the existing context, providing a wide-open kitchen with Carrara marble, a custom pantry door, vaulted ceilings, and dramatically cantilevered deck space. The two bathrooms, however, could use similar whacks with the cool stick.

Despite this artful appendage, the bungalow's resulting square footage (1,744) could be a tight squeeze for families willing to meet the $489,000 asking price for entrance to Decatur schools.