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Atlanta's Most in-Demand Jobs May Surprise You

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Acupuncturists and embroiderers are owning it

You ever seen a surveyor by the side of the road with one of those tripod contraptions? Well, it's called a total station, and it reads slope distances. But, have you ever wondered what they see when they look inside that thing?

Money. They see cash money.

According to a recently released list by consumer service website Thumbtack, that's Atlanta's most in-demand job. Given all the building going on, that would seem to make sense. But ATL's other hot jobs are pretty surprising. Here's a taste: acupuncturist, embroiderer, photo technician, and horseback-riding instructor.

Be warned. The list is full of some sweeping generalizations — e.g. "Southerners have a reputation as people who love monogrammed items" and "Southerners have always loved their scrapbooks" — but if you can get past that, there's some interesting stuff here.

Thumbtack also provided a list of the most competitive jobs in Atlanta. Topping it: web developer. And, clinging to the edge at No. 10 is — yikes — writer.