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Gasp! Rare Price-Reduction Befalls Reynoldstown

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A $25,000 discount in the land of bidding wars? Seriously?

Within a baseball's toss of the Eastside Trail's next leg, this achingly traditional three-bedroom abode is that rare Reynoldstown property that's lingered on the market for more than a month, which could explain why it looks a little surprised. What's more, it underwent a $25,000 price reduction this week in the land of bidding wars and pre-construction contracts.

So what's the deal?

Okay, so it essentially backs up to an active train yard, and nobody's going to call the overall aesthetic "cutting-edge." It has a roomy 2,500 square feet but lacks a garage. Complicating matters: Several of the listing photos look like they were taken by someone jogging through the home.

But for $425,000 (and falling), with fresh paint and updates galore, a buyer could probably do worse. Especially considering — as the listing screams — the perk that is "Location, location!"